Sand and soda blasting is the process of blasting the sand or soda media at a surface using a nozzle and compressed air.  It strips the surface of the item back to its original condition and eliminates the need for sanding or chemical stripping.  It is an extremely cost effective method of restoring items as it is a reasonably fast process compared to sanding by hand.  It can be used on a variety of surfaces including concrete, brick, metals and hard wood.


Sand is best used on tougher, more durable surfaces.  It is faster than soda blasting and is a lot more abrasive.  The sand we use is tested and complies with NZ Standards so it does not contain silicone.


Soda is best used on more delicate surfaces.  It is not as abrasive as sand and won’t harm any other surrounding surfaces.  Soda is environmentally friendly.


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Limestone fence 50% sandblasted
Pre fire restoration job
Limestone wall 50% sandblasted
Post fire restoration job using soda blasting technique