Methamphetamine also known as P, is not coming to the area – it’s already here!  Meth is a nationwide problem and has potential health risks to you and those around you.  Meth smoked in a house can give readings as high as those from a lab.  Pregnant woman, children and the elderly are more vulnerable to effects from a house contaminated with these chemicals, although anyone can experience side effects.


  • Buying a house?  Get it tested as part of your pre-purchase agreement to be sure your house is safe from Meth and you won’t end up with a decontamination bill costing anywhere between $3000-$25000 or more!


  • Selling a house?  Get a Meth test certificate to show your potential buyers that you have gone that extra mile to ensure they have a safer house!  This helps reduce obstacles where you are selling!


  • Do you live in a rental?  Have you ever wondered who lived in the property before you?  Get it checked to make sure you are safe!


  • Own a rental?  Get it tested each time a tenant evacuates this way there is no discrepancy as to who caused the contamination if any is present, you know who to pursue to for the decontamination costs.  If the test it negative it also shows the new tenant the house is meth free.


What we offer?

We ensure all tests are treated professionally and confidentially.  The screening tests are fast, effective and give instant results with a written report emailed to the client.  We test to the Ministry of Health Guidelines.


Health Risks associated with Meth.

  • Compromised immune system

  • Allergic reactions

  • Headaches/migraines

  • Nausea, dizziness

  • Increase in respiratory issues

  • Insomnia, general discomfort, hyper activity

  • Rashes/burns