Carpet Maintenance

At Advanced Carpets and Restoration we only use the most effective and efficient carpet cleaning technology which is Hot Water Extraction.  This is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. 


We use a 20 HP machine which sends the water into the carpet then extracts it back out again ensuring that your carpet is cleaned right to the bottom fibers - not just the surface like many other carpet cleaning methods.  By using Hot Water Extraction this will eliminate 99% of germs hiding in your carpet thus you can be sure your carpet is as healthy as can be for yourself and your family.


How often should I clean my carpets?


This is a question we frequently get asked and really depends on your different circumstances.  For most residential carpets 12 monthly is sifficient however if you have a lot of inside pets you may wish to have this done more frequently.


For commercial sites this varies.  Heavy traffic areas we would recommend 3-6 monthly whereas low traffic areas would be 6-12 monthly. 


Please call us and we are happy to discuss your individual needs and make a maintenance plan that suits your business and budget.